About the Author


  • I have been researching and writing about pit bulls and dog behavior since 2000.
  • I was Director of Legislative Affairs for Love-A-Bull.
  • I took a course from the National Animal Control Association.
  • I have volunteered as a dog handler at two local animal shelters.
  • I was involved in canine agility.
  • I have assisted with training classes taught by an APDT-certified trainer.
Published articles and other things:

(I think if I was really interested in getting things published, this list would be longer. As it is, being a ‘published author’ is not too high on my list of priorities. Thanks to those people who approached me and asked me for material.)

  • Author. “Counterpoint: BSL in Ohio.” NACA News, Sept/Oct 2006 Issue
  • Author. “Pigeons: A Human Ally.” Iowa Source, Dec.2005/Jan 2006
  • Author. “Pity the Pit Bull.” Iowa Source, August 2005
  • Master’s degree in Technical Communication from Texas State University, December 2007
  • BA in Plan II (Honors Liberal Arts) from the University of Texas, 2001

Personal Info

I’m big on individual responsibility. Throughout this entire site you will hear me harping on the importance of individual responsibility. I believe strongly in each person’s ability to stand on their own two feet, live their own life, make their own decisions, and pay for their own mistakes. Sadly, it seems to be a rare position to take nowadays. I see more and more situations where individual rights and responsibilities have been completely shelved.

I refuse to submit to fear. Fear stems from ignorance and quickly leads to hate, violence, and anger. Fear inspires highly irrational behavior. The more educated and confident a person is, the less they have to fear. I have low tolerance for people who choose to hate and fear rather than educate themselves.

I have a soft spot for misunderstood creatures. I love animals that most people hate, like pigeons, snakes, bats, and yes, pit bulls. Animals, just like humans, are driven to survive and be content. They are not “out to get us”; they just do what they have to in order to survive. We need to respect their limitations and their needs and learn to be benevolent stewards.

I believe in liberty, equality, and justice for all. I believe a person’s behavior defines who they are more than the color of their skin, their gender, the clothes they wear, the car they drive, or the type of dog they own. Every person deserves to be treated equally regardless of these superficial possessions.

My personal blog is located at http://happypitbull.blogspot.com.


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