You’re not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of responsible pit bull owner just like you out there, and they all have similar experiences to share, and similar questions to ask.

Just as this website represents only one facet through which to view pit bull ownership and responsibility, there are many, many people who have different beliefs and ideas about responsibility, proper care, the “correct” way to train a dog, and so on. Though some viewpoints are based on blatant misinformation, many other people simply have different experiences and different filters through which they come to their own conclusions. I hope that each one of us can carefully, thoughtfully, and critically examine—and respectfully discuss—not only our own ideas but also the ideas of others. In this way we can better understand our own beliefs, communicate more effectively with others, and help our dogs live better, happier lives.

It is difficult, unfortunately, to weed out the unsavory characters (irresponsible breeders, dog fighters, status-driven “tough guys,” and so forth) who need social networks to ply their immoral trades and/or preen their ego. Networking sites, especially those without moderation, may suffer from an infestation of these types of individuals. In keeping with the philosophies of Happy Pit Bull, you will not find an all-inclusive list of networking resources here. I have restricted the list to those groups that are carefully moderated and have a firm policy against irresponsible ownership behaviors (fighting, breeding, machoism, etc). Happy Pit Bull does not intend to support any site that permits or encourages irresponsible dog ownership.

Still, I am an imperfect being, and it’s simply not possible for me to actively monitor all of these groups. If you feel that any of these social networking sites violate the philosophies or the spirit of Happy Pit Bull, please contact me with your concerns so that I can review and reconsider a site’s inclusion. You may also send me a note if you know of a site that is not listed here, and you would like me to consider adding it.

Pit bull discussion boards

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