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Please note that although I have tried to offer only social avenues that mirror the values and philosophies of the Happy Pit Bull website, I can not oversee every single one of these sites. As social venues, these places are made up of ever-changing groups of individuals with their own ideas, values, and philosophies; as with any other online venue, you will need to 1) filter, 2) protect your privacy, and 3) leave if you do not feel comfortable. Please contact me if you feel that any of these sites seriously violate Happy Pit Bull’s philosophies and values.

Pitbull-L – Mailing list for responsible pit bull owners to discuss ownership issues and trade photos; rescue oriented.

Wallace the Pit Bull Community – For Wallace the Pit Bull fans and more

PitBullForum.com – Pit bull discussion board

Pitbull-chat.com – Pit bull discussion board

Pitbulltalk.com – Pit bull discussion board

Alabama Pit Bull Lovers – Pit bull discussion board

Pit Bull Crusaders – Discussion board for pit bull rescuers and transporters


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