Meetup Groups

Meetup groups are a great way to get together with other pit bull owners.

Keep in mind, meetup groups are only as good as their members and leaders. Learn about the group’s mission, values, and goals before you join. Attend a few meetups and see if it is a group you feel comfortable with. If the group’s goals and values don’t meet your own, find another group—or start your own!

These are the largest pit bull meetup groups. If you don’t see a local pit bull meetup group listed here, check

The NEW YORK CITY PIT BULL and Pit Mix – Rescue Group (NYC, NY)

Families Against Breed Bans (Seattle, WA)

Love-A-Bull Pit Bull Meetup (Austin, TX)

Portlanders Against Breed Bans (Portland, OR)

The Houston Area Pit Bull Club (Houston, TX)

American PitBull & Bully Club (Orlando, FL)

MN Bully Lovers (Minneapolis, MN)

Houston Pit Bulls & Bully Breeds (Houston, TX)

***The Pitstop*** (San Antonio, TX)

Sacramento Responsible Pit Bull Lovers (Sacramento, CA)


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