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Please note that although I have tried to offer only social avenues that mirror the values and philosophies of the Happy Pit Bull website, I do not oversee these sites. These blogs are written and maintained by individuals and organizations with their own ideas, values, and philosophies; as with any other online venue, you will need to 1) filter, 2) protect your privacy, and 3) leave if you do not feel comfortable. Please contact me if you feel that any of these sites seriously violate Happy Pit Bull’s philosophies and values.

Don’t see your favorite pit bull blog listed? Send me an email!

Adopt Mia – A blog for Mia, an adoptable pit bull in a foster home

Bad Rap Blog – A blog by the amazing rescuers at Bad Rap in CA

Bully Breed Buddies – Princess Fiona, Noelle, and Freckles write about their lives

Daisy the Dog blog – Daisy is a white pit bull that looks a lot like my dog Dozer!

Daisy and Bob’s blog – A blog that covers the adventures of Bob, a pit bull

Deuce Meets! – A blog about a rescued pit bull’s encounters

Dozer Sez – Dozer, the pit bull owned by the author of this site, writes his own blog

For the Pit Bulls blog – A look at the treatment of pit bulls in the media

Gray and Nameless – Tiny plastic pit bulls take on the world

Happy Pit Bull blog – The blog for the author of this site. 😉

HELP FIDO – An Ohio-based blog for a great organization

It’s a Rott N’ Pittie – Great blog by the folks from A Rotta Love Plus in Minnesota

Love-A-Bull blog – A blog by a pit bull rescuer and myth-dispeller

Love Like A Dog – The website for the author of the book Love Like A Dog

Luda – A happy family pet pit bull and her adventures

Mina and Celeste Chronicles – A blog featuring the adventures of a pit bull named Mina and her mutt companion Celeste

Miss Mims – The adventures of a pit bull with a taste for fine art

My Life With Dogs – Starring Kari and her pit bulls

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue – A blog by folks who rescue pit bulls

Petey Was a Pit Bull – For people who love pit bulls and want to set the record straight

Pit Bulls Make the World Go ‘Round – Starring Inara the pit bull and her owner

PIT Positive blog – A thoughtful blog by Art Fyvolent, founder of PIT Positive

Pinups for Pit Bulls – They put out an awesome calendar every year, and now they have a great blog

Prairie Dogs – Pit bulls and Dachshunds sharing a home

Princess the Pit Bull – A Dallas gal, I mean pit bull, having a blast with her mom and dad

Trinity the Pit Bull – A blog about Trinity, a former fighting dog now living with a wonderful family


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