Owner’s Manual

Caring for a “pit bull” is no different from caring for any other type of dog. A pit bull’s behavior is a dog’s behavior, and no special training rules apply. You can pull any dog training book off the shelf and apply the principles to any dog, be it a pit bull or a Chihuahua.

Social and legal aspects make pit bull ownership uniquely challenging, discouraging, and frustrating. I have devoted a different section of my website, Social Issues, to these pit bull-specific problems.

This website was created for “pit bull” owners, so naturally I have written the owner’s manual for that audience. The existence of an article on a topic does not mean that the topic pertains only to “pit bulls.” Owners of other types of dogs may also find the same information relevant and useful.

The Pit Bull Owner’s Code of Conduct

Basic Care

What type of collar is best for your dog?

On leash, off leash, and dog parks

Responsible containment: How to contain your dog when you can’t supervise


Training, Socializing, and Managing

Canine sports

Aggression and dog-aggression

Multi-dog households

Can you trust a dog?


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