Code of Conduct

This is a code of conduct for all dog owners, regardless of their dog’s breed. However, “pit bulls” and pit bull owners are in a unique situation due to the pit bull / pit bull owner stereotypes. Responsible pit bull owners should break (not confirm) these stereotypes whenever possible.

  1. I will train and socialize my dog to be a good ambassador of the breed.
  2. I will not allow my dog to exhibit aggressive behavior.
  3. I will spay or neuter my dog.
  4. I will not condemn my dog to a life of isolation. I will keep my dog indoors, as a member of the family, for its entire life.
  5. I will not crop my dog’s ears or tail, make it wear a spiked collar, name it “Killer,” or do anything else to make my dog appear vicious.
  6. I will never leave my dog unsupervised with a child, another dog, or a small animal.
  7. I will take full responsibility for any injuries or messes caused by my dog.
  8. I will be aware of and fight against breed-specific legislation.
  9. I will adopt, and I will support pit bull rescue efforts.
  10. I will educate myself and others about dog behavior and safety around dogs.
  11. If my dog exhibits behavior problems, I will seek professional assistance immediately.
  12. If my dog does something wonderful, I will tell everyone, including the media.
  13. I understand that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment.
  14. I will give my dog food, water, shelter, and proper veterinary care.
  15. I will love my dog with all my heart.

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