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The products found through these links feature non-stereotypical portrayals of pit bulls and their owners. Many of these are rescue groups, and the profits made from your purchase will help fund those rescue groups (I have tried to note this when possible). Please enjoy these “pit bull friendly” products!

Happy Pit Bull is affiliated with some of these links, and purchases made through these links help support this website. So, thank you in advance for shopping with Happy Pit Bull!

CafePress Merchandise
(T-shirts, mugs, calendars, stickers, pins, mousepads, and more)

Just clicking on this link sent me into a shopping frenzy that made my husband hide the credit cards! Adorable shirts (and underwear, and sweatshirts, and more), Christmas cards and ornaments, bumper stickers… A great variety and well thought-out designs that put the “pet” in pit bull. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Pit Bull Rescue Central
Yet another fabulous site for pit bull merchandise. PBRC is a major actor in pit bull rescue, and any purchases made at their site help fund their valuable work. PBRC merchandise includes many serious messages about responsible pit bull ownership and anti-BSL – perfect for making that all-important statement. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Pretty N’ Pit
Cute designs for anyone looking for “girly” pit bull images to wear. It’s so hard to find images of pits that are not totally macho; this site goes the opposite direction. Good for folks who want to show their support for the breed while wearing pink. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

A & S Rescue
An assortment of items (shirts, buttons, calendars, mousepads, etc.) with very nice designs. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Hearts of Gold Pit Bull Rescue Store
Shirts, stamps, and a few other items with cute pit bull designs. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Bama Bully Store
A variety of unique designs that support bully breeds and spay/neuter, and protest BSL. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

J Walker Tees
Finally, pit bull owners can show their love for their dogs the same way other people do—with an “I (heart) my [insert breed here]” t-shirt. This is a great site for merchandise with standard phrases expressing love for one’s pets.

Mike’s Dog House
An assortment of pro-pit bull, anti-BSL designs on a variety of items. MDH is a rescue group in Florida. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Brew City Bully Club Gear
Brew City Bully Club is dedicated to stopping dogfighting and preventing backyard breeding. Profits go to pit bull advocacy!
Quality graphic design on shirts spreads awareness about pit bulls, adoption, and rescue—and 10% of sales proceeds go to a pit bull rescue group of the month!

No BSL! Mass Madness Designs
Anti-BSL designs on clothing, calendars, and other items.

Anti-BSL design on t-shirts. Profits from the sales go to the legal fund to retain lawyer Clayton Ruby to fight the BSL in Ontario, Canada.

Pit Stop
Lots of nice merchandise with anti-BSL messages.


Unexpected Pit Bull
Monthly calendar with lots of cute photos! Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Pinups for Pit Bulls
Monthly calendar with pit bulls and pinup girls—a unique and refreshing image. Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Books and Media

Happy Pit Bull Bookstore at
Recommended reading for pit bull owners, hand-picked by yours truly.

DIVA Dog: Pit Bull on Wheels movie
The touching story of a disabled pit bull.


Retro Pets
Find 8×10 prints for any breed, including four adorable vintage-style posters featuring smiling pit bulls. The site features an ever-expanding collection of prints, a photo contest to get your pup on a poster, and commissioned portraits available.

Pit Bull Tattoo Designs
That’s right, tattoos! Not a bared tooth or spiked collar in the lot! The designs are beautiful and impressive. If I wasn’t such a wimp, I’d get one of these! Profits go to pit bull rescue!

Stuffed Animals

Shelter Pups
Unique individual “pit bull” puppy stuffed animals for “adoption.” Started by a nine-year-old, these stuffed pit bull puppies come with rescue points so that you can make a donation to an animal shelter or rescue group. They will also do a custom stuffed puppy based on a photo!

Fuzzy Nation
Offers a pit bull stuffed animal and a pit bull purse. Check out “Bullit” the stuffed pit bull (and pit bull purse) under the links “Darn Cute Plush” and “Handbags.”


The Pit Bull Princess
Cute designs on a variety of products that show the positive side of pit bulls.

Animal Den (sections for AST, Pit Bull, and SBT)
This site has shirts, jewelry, signs, stickers, and much more.

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Do you know a website with merchandise that you’d like to recommend? Email me!


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