I would like to grow this page with contributions from site visitors. Have you written a school paper, a thesis, an editorial, or a story about pit bulls? Don’t let your writing die away—post it here for people across the world to read!

There are only three submission requirements:

  1. You must be the author and owner of the work, or have permission from the owner of the work.
  2. It must pertain to pit bulls.
  3. It must be edited for fairly good grammar and punctuation. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be a quality piece of writing that has obviously been carefully thought out.

Got something to say? Send it to me at

Contributor Essays

Don’t Bully My Bully! by Toni Naprawa Caruso – A school paper against BSL

The Fight Within by Sharon K. Dennis – A poem

Letter to Michael Bryant by Brigitte Nagy – A response to an application for jury duty in Ontario

Other Good Reads

“Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners” by Hillary Twining, Arnold Arluke, and Gary Patronek, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy, Society and Animals Journal of Human-Animal Studies, Volume 8, Number 1, 2000.

“Pit Bulls are Innocent” by Ken Foster, Salon Magazine, 2007.

“Failing the American Pit Bull Terrier” by Nathan Winograd, No Kill Sheltering magazine, Volume II, Issue Number 1 (Jan/Feb 2006). This text is also available at and in Winograd’s 2007 book Redemption.

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