Role Models

These pit bulls are famous for saving lives, protecting our country and its citizens, or providing us with exceptional entertainment.

Sergeant Stubby
The most decorated war dog in WWI, he saved dozens of soliders from a gas attack, captured a German spy, and was injured in battle

Winner of the 1993 Kibbles n’ Bits Dog Hero of the Year award for saving countless human and animal lives

U.S. Customs K9 (retired in 2002) helped make several major drug busts on the border

Dakota, Cheyenne, and Tahoe
Kris Crawford’s talented, life-saving Search And Rescue pit bulls

2007 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion (and his Dad Andrew is pretty awesome too)

K9 Neville
An explosives detection dog for the Washington State Patrol

Pete (Petey)
The famous pit bull from the Little Rascals

Alaska’s first hearing-aid dog

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